Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Mr. Thompson

I always find it somewhat amusing when a reporter on either a partisan
news outlet such as fox news or some communist social welfare
prosthelytizing medium such as CNN attempt to converge gay rights and
politics to the tipping point of social paradigms. When Newt Gingrich
was asked at a Rally by a young man why gay and lesbian supporters of
his should vote for him I found the basic question a non-sequitur and
irreverent to any productive talking points on homosexuality. What
does sexual orientation have to do with voting for the president of
the United States? Newt is vehemently against same sex marriage and
finds homosexuality anti-christian and no doubt the man posing the
question new this so was he honest from the outset merely poised to
stir the pot? Other than marital rights why is sexual orientation such
a major issue in choosing a candidate to vote for. If Newt was gay I
would still vote for him because his ideologies match up with my own;
atleast the ones I feel to be most prudent, social welfare reform, war
on terror, healthcare, socioeconomic policy etc and so forth. Aren't
these the issues that any citizen should try to identify with in
choosing a candidate?  Conversely, if I am a gay man or woman who is
reasonably intelligent I would imagine political issues other than gay
rights would be as important to me if not more important than whether
or not I can marry my significant other. If I have a car or am capable
of buying a bus or plane ticket I can travel to a state that does
allow such acts of sanctimony to occur. I can't gamble in DC but I can
gamble in Vegas; I can't marry my first cousin in DC but I can marry
my first cousin in West Virginia. Subversive activities that can
overthrow the very conduits of policing socially accepted morally
stringent behavior are dangerous if allowed to be considered part of
the status quo because people will take advantage of the immigration
loopholes, tax loopholes, and eviscerate the notion of private and
public life being separate. If a country club wishes to deny woman and
african americans I think that is wrong but its a private club and
they may do as they wish. Atleast that is the preface of the denial
letter I receive from Alpha Kappa Alpha stating their all-black
fraternity is strictly for 'people of color' and that perhaps 'I would
feel uncomfortable in such a social setting'.


How do you think marines will feel when talking about having
heterosexual sex with a hot blonde over a game of cards in a barracks
when suddenly a gay member of the platoon mentions how much he enjoyed
anal sex with a guy the night before? Life isn't far, there is no
explanation possible to refute the likely deterrence of volunteers of
the arm forces if don't ask don't tell were repealed. Just
hypothetically speaking say pedophilia were not illegal, the soldier
that enjoyed sex with prepubescent girls or 10 year old boys pick your
poison, you don't suppose he would feel uncomfortable bringing this up
during a card game knowing he was in the minority? He is not exactly
going to be invited to a family picnick with my daughter  thats for



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