Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

Forgive me Father for it has been ten days since my last confession and I have sinned with abundant obdurance in the interim. William Buckley's avid glean could not foresee my speculating as hubris having  envisaged the fall of the BRICs equity markets. The spring's fate air is upon us and so is the rapid precipice of the Nasdaq; the technology sell off is upon us. If you believe in the efficient market hypothesis the determined dip of tech should not be timed with the cherry blossom festival year after year, but since studying market data since 1982, it happens year after year with the tick of my patek phillip. My layman assumption is in fact that product renewal and advanced inventory upgrades are generally featured towards the end of the fourth quarter and these sales figures trickle into the next year's business cycle. By the spring however, the cache of a christmas state of the art macbook has dispersed and everyone is awaiting until the release of the next iPhone, say late summer early fall to incite the next plebiscite yah or nay. Could it also be as Tom Brokaw referred to in his " The greatest generation" a 'mass exodus' to the outdoors with the smell of barbecue jamborees and burned rubber on the asphalt cajoling the would be 1080p flat screen channel surfers and computer virtuosos to partake in the majesty of the outdoors. We all know gas prices will rise and continue to stay high during the peak travel months of late spring and summer however...... more to come

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