Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Letter to NAOMI WOLF

Ms. Wolf,

After reading your CNN article this morning entitled 'Kate's breasts, Pussy, Riot, virginity tests, and our attitude towards women's bodies' I see a striking  aggrandizement of the sexuality Pussy Riot evokes being a female trio punk rock band, the reason for their imprisonment and the thesis or point of your article. Pussy Riot was speaking out in a public demonstration against the Russian orthodox church's support for the united Russia party and Vladimir
Putin as the country's president. Sadly their actions interrupted a church service at one orthodox cathedral and they were charged with hooliganism motivated by religious hatred. Granted, more than likely their stiff sentence and specific charges were skewed and propogandized to deter questions of political persecution, but anyone can see the Kremlin wanted an example mad out of them for speaking against the ruling party.

Your article's sole premise is more of a general stab at sociological idealogies as they relate to sex, the exploitation of woman, and the female body as a whole. Aside from pussy riot being women, not sure how mentioning them gives your article or your point to be more precise any more vigor other than to slowly euthanize a pseudo-intellectual passerby having eloped from their daily work duties to surf the Internet at lunch only to become fixated on buzz word current events.