Friday, December 30, 2011

Alcoholism and Art

Why does art necessitate alcohol or rather alcohol evoke abstraction and non-linear expression. Hemingway, Picasso, Warhol just to name a few drank, drugged, and lived vicariously through their work and not necessarily in that order. Is there an edge or precipice for artistic inspiration? Beyond its fringe buried deep down in that place warm to some and cold to others, perhaps lit and perhaps all the same en-sheathed in the opaque there is imagination?

The requiem for the mundane is tasted at first by our loss of fear which foolishly guides us along our inhibitions resonant path where we think we must tread. There is exhilaration in exploring the unknown, the naturally occurring amphetamine reactions in our bain caused by an increase in dopamine at the synaptic cleft produces a hedonic response. Pleasure thusly can be directed and ideally reproduced with convex action that at its crest, the fall from this activity will be a most steep angle of depression. The climb back as a result of the primary encounter with exploration's euphoria, infinitely more desirable. So goes the revolving cycle of a drunkards inebriation regime.

There is however, a vital characteristic of distinction in drinking with purpose with creative despair in mind or to ease the senses after a term of acute focus and work. Drinking solely to ease pain or to forget on its own is not a derivative consument of expression or art on its own, it must be a corollary to the artists own creative pain or where he finds solace.